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Phone us at:  802-334-8879

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Countryside Fabrics

1780 VT RT 105

Newport, VT 05855

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  1. looking for a fabric that has a white background with purple, light and dark lilacs on it. I have seen it before. Walmart use to make comforters out of it, and I missed out. If this is a spring fabric, and I have to wait, that is ok. I want to cover the other side of my spread with it, to make it reversable. Thank you for sending me this update on your new site. It is great!! Helen White

  2. So we have entered the computer world. Congratulations and much sucess. I did this once and they told me my address was invalid so I am trying again. Is it possible to make the writing a bit bigger and darker for those of us with eyesight problems. I love your shop. Margaret

  3. I found you by chance yesterday when I walked to the picture with my husband ans we drove past you.
    Your store is a dream come true for a quilter and / or embroidery : be certain that I will return soon and visit you regularly 🙂
    Guylaine (from Orford)

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