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  1. Dear Friends;
    Came through your store Saturday evening on the Shop Hop. Loved your store and everyone was so friendly. I was one of the group of 4 crazy girls, last to leave that evening. We closed the store that evening and as we were leaving you recommended the restaurant next door,,,,,thanks so much. Food very good!

    Also when I was at the store I saw a similar Mesh bag to the one pictured above. I thought it had mesh near the bottom also. But anyway,,,,,,,,,I got material, but did not get the pattern. Can I order the pattern or is there access online where I can order and download?

    Thank you so much for your hospitality. We/I had a great time in your store. I would come by and pick up, but I am way down in Massachusetts. Hope to see you again next year.

    Warmly, Lauretta Graves

    • We do have the pattern for the bag in question and can mail it to you if you like. Also the bottom is mesh. Call the shop any time if you would like the pattern. 802-334-8879. Thank you for stopping by.

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