Some Very Important News…

Change! We all know that it’s an inevitable part of life. Some change is expected, like the changing of the seasons. Some comes as a surprise. Some changes are small, and some are big. Here at Countryside Fabrics we have some really big changes in our future!

As most of our wonderful friends and customers know, Roger and I bought the business of Countryside Fabrics just over five years ago in the spring of 2012. While we own the business, we have never owned the building in which we have our store. Our landlord just recently informed us that he is expanding his own business, and that as of May 1, 2018 he will need the building that we currently occupy.

When Roger retired a few years ago and as our long-arm quilting business, “A Quilter’s Dream,” continued to grow by leaps and bounds, we began talking about when was the right time to pull back a bit from Countryside Fabrics and devote more time to our life together and to our home quilting business. Well, now we have our answer!

Countryside Fabrics will continue as a business through May 1, 2018. Until then we will still be a part of the 2018 Shop Hop, continue to hold classes, and do what we love most…helping our customers! All of our plans are not yet finalized, but we know we will be holding lots of sales throughout the next six months, so stay tuned!

One change that we are implementing right away is the discontinuation of our Punch Card Program. We will continue to honor any full cards until March 31, 2018, but as of Monday, October 16 we will no longer be issuing new cards or punching existing ones. We will also continue to sell Gift Certificates but they will need to be redeemed by March 31, 2018.

We anticipate lots of good times ahead with you, our loyal friends and customers. Many of you have become like family. It’s because of you that Roger and I began this adventure five years ago, and we will hate to see that end. We’re going to make the best of this transition over the next few months, so please join us on the journey!

Flo and Roger Verge